Last week’s blog post focused on the importance of getting your church on the map with a Google Business profile. If you missed that post, read it here to learn how to get your organization on the map. After your organization has a Google profile, it’s important to get reviews from your members.

Why are reviews important?

–Your church will rank higher on Google when people search for churches in your area if you have Google reviews.

–When people search for your church on Google, they will see your organization’s star rating immediately.

–Google reviews help members to decide if they want to attend your church.

Gold star rating with five golden stars representing an award of excellence and luxury as a symbol and concept of competition success and best quality with a white background.

How can I instruct members to write reviews?

–Send an email to your members or post a request on your church’s blog. Include your church’s review link in the email. This link is different for every organization. Follow the instructions from Google to create the link.

–Alternatively, if you are having a conversation with your members and the topic of reviews comes up, ask them to look up your church on Google Maps and then write a review.

Example reviews

View example reviews from Community Christian Church of NYC. Read the reviews.


After you get your first review, let us know by posting on the Facebook Group at