Grace Church Websites Offers Free Website Services to Local Churches and Non-Profit Organizations in Underserved Communities.

Grace Church Websites, a new company devoted to providing free websites to churches and other nonprofit organizations, this month launched its service targeting churches and non-profits.

The company, founded by American Business magnate and philanthropist Don Vaccaro and pastor Rev. Dr. Boise Kimber, offers local churches and nonprofit groups a wide variety of free web-related services, including domain registration and annual renewal, website maintenance, the content management system, and hosting. Vaccaro and Kimber launched the company in order to better help churches – especially local, urban churches – better reach the people in their communities looking for a church family.

“My career has been devoted to building companies that provide employment and business opportunities to give working men and women the chance to grow their talents and fulfill their potential,” said Vaccaro, who serves as CEO of Grace Church Websites. “Our services will allow churches and nonprofits to connect directly and immediately with the communities they serve, a necessity in today’s society. It is my hope these websites will connect people with churches in their communities.”

“The church has to modernize in order to continue to remain relevant. As our memberships grow older, we struggle to recruit and connect to a new generation where social media of 2016 has replaced the flyers of 1955,” said Rev. Kimber. “These websites will essentially serve as digital front doors, welcoming newcomers, keeping members informed, organizing activities and sharing God’s love with their communities.”
According to National Action Network President and Founder, renowned civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton: “Grace Church Websites is providing a need for faith-based organizations that leads to economic empowerment, decreases the digital divide, and diversity within the Information Superhighway.”

There are no costs associated with a website set up through Grace Church Websites. Organizations interested in signing up for website services should visit their website at or contact

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About Grace Church Websites
Grace Church Websites provides free websites, hosting, and domain registration to churches and other nonprofit organizations. It was started in 2016 out of a desire for Don Vaccaro and his pastor and friend Reverend Dr. Boise Kimber to help churches, especially small urban churches with limited resources, and has extended to other nonprofits.

About Don Vaccaro
Don Vaccaro is the founder and chief executive officer of Grace Church Websites. Don is an American business magnate and philanthropist. A serial entrepreneur, Vaccaro has started and owns several successful companies. Most notably, he has been a driving force in the ticketing industry as the founder & CEO of TicketNetwork.

His companies provide employment and business opportunities for hundreds of families both at home and internationally. His success has blessed him with means to help others in a meaningful way. In addition to Grace Church Websites, Don has a passion for assisting those affected by cancer, wounded warriors, urban development, youth organizations, the arts, education, and the disabled. He also is a strong supporter of protecting the environment, and has nurtured several ventures including an animal sanctuary, community garden and farm on the TicketNetwork campus, and has recently started a tree farm. In 2014 TicketNetwork was awarded the Beautification Award for its garden and farm, and Business of the Year by the South Windsor Chamber of Commerce.

About Rev. Dr. Boise Kimber
Reverend Dr. Boise Kimber serves as an advisor to Grace Church Websites, helping the organization to reach churches and nonprofits that need websites.

At the age of fifteen, the Reverend Dr. Boise Kimber was called to the Gospel ministry, and has remained steadfast to that call. In 1986, he became pastor of First Calvary Baptist Church in New Haven, having served four congregations prior. Under his spirited and energetic leadership for the last 29 years, First Calvary Baptist Church remains committed to loving, teaching, preaching and reconciliation. It is a vibrant ministry with a full-time staff and strong Christian Education and Mission ministries. He is also pastor of the First Calvary Baptist Church in Hartford, Connecticut.

Dr. Kimber is President Emeritus of the Greater New Haven Clergy Association, a Consultant to the office of Multicultural Affairs and the Multicultural Center at Southern Connecticut State University, a Fire Commissioner for the City of New Haven, a Director for Aids Interfaith Network, Inc., an advisor to local labor unions, and a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. Nationally, he serves as Director of the National Action Network, Inc., the Conference of National Black Churches, and as Executive Director of the Social Justice Initiative.

Don Vaccaro, CEO: (860) 993-3906,
Rev. Dr. Boise Kimber, Advisor: (203) 996-8347,
For technical questions: Crystal Astrachan, Managing Director,