• Newsletters: If your church creates a weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletter, you may add this to the website as a blog post. There are a few ways to do this:
    • Create a new blog post and copy the all of the newsletter’s text and paste it into a new blog post. And add each image from the PDF separately to the blog post.
    • Create a new blog post and insert a short summary of the newsletter into the blog post. Then, link to the PDF document in the blog post. To upload the blog post, click on “media” then click “add new”. After the image has been added, go back to the media library, click on the document. In the box to the right, copy the URL in the URL box and paste this as a link in your blog post.
  • Email blasts: Does your church send a regular email blast to members? Copy and paste the contents from your email into a blog post. This will help newcomers to understand what’s happening at your organization, especially those who are not on your email list.
  • Sermon summaries: Add a short summary or a transcript of your sermon to your blog weekly.
  • Reflections: Post personal reflections from your pastor about the sermon. Or, ask a member of your church to write a short blog post about the sermon and how it has helped him or her over the last week.
  • Bible studies: Post tips to help your members study the Bible. Is there a particular verse of the day or the week that you’d like to share with others?
  • Event recap: Did you just host a conference at your church? Or a luncheon? Or a job fair? Post a summary of the event with pictures as a blog post to keep others informed.