You may use your blog to post sermons and file them under a separate category or tag.

  1. Set up a separate category or tag for your sermons. You can call this category or tag “sermons” or anything else you prefer. Read the category/tag instructions. Setting up the category/tag will ensure that all of your sermons are archived on one page.
  2. Start a new blog post. Read the instructions for starting a new blog post. Add the tag or category you created in step 1. Then, add the sermon’s text summary (optional). Continue on to step 3.
  3. Follow the instructions for posting MP3 files or video files and then add your code directly to the blog post.
  4. Save the blog post
  5. Your post will be saved on the individual blog post and a link will be found on the category or tag page. Visit both to ensure they are working properly.
  6. If you want to link to the sermon category or tag page in the menu, complete a menu change request form. Make sure that your category/tag page is working properly first. Note that your sermons will appear on both the “blog” and the new menu item if you select this option.

If you don’t want sermons on your blog, read the instructions for adding sermons to a new page.