On the homepage to the right of the short summary about your organization, there is a section where you are able to enter very brief details about your most important recurring meetings. This section looks best when you have 2 – 4 meetings / services with minimal text. It is intended for churches to quickly highlight regular services and meetings, such as Sunday Worship, Bible Studies, etc. Do not use this section to add every event, but rather just the events that are most important. Use your event calendar to list other events and include the events that you list in this section. Create a recurring event using the event calendar add additional details, such as event descriptions. To update this section, click on “service times”.

  • To add a new service or meeting, click “add new”. Or, to update an existing service or meeting, click on the title.
  • Add the title of the service in the title box. For example “Sunday Service”
  • In the text box, add the time of the service or a very short description.
  • Be sure to include the day of the week and the time for each entry. If your title is “Bible Study” and the description is “7pm”, then people will not know what day of the week it is happening. It’s better to write one of the following:
    • Title: Bible Study  |  Description: Wednesdays at 7pm
    • Title: Wednesday Bible Study   |   Description: 7pm
  • Check your homepage to ensure that the section looks good and there’s not too much information.
  • To delete a service or meeting, click on the service or meeting name and then click the red “move to trash” link.

If your organization does not have regular meetings, you may use this section to highlight other information.  This section is referred to as “service times and meetings” because Grace Church Websites was created for churches, but we are also allowing some businesses and nonprofits use the software to launch websites. If you don’t have services or meetings, you can use this section to highlight anything else. Just delete any entries that say “service time” following the instructions in the point above. For example, you may use this section to highlight your hours of operation, a short inspirational quote, or anything else you can think of that is very brief.