Some churches used a Gmail account or another free email service as their primary email account before they launched a free website through Grace. You can continue to use this Gmail account and to send and receive email from your new Grace Church Websites email address at your custom domain. The instructions below are specifically for Gmail, but the process is similar (though not identical) for other email providers.

STEP 1: RECEIVE. Set up email forwarding in webmail.

  1. Instructions for custom email addresses.
  2. Instructions for your office@ email address.

STEP 2: SEND. Set up the ability to send email as the address from step 1.

You can use Gmail to send email from your church email address, either your office@ email address or your custom email address. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the gear in the right-hand side of Gmail and click “settings”.
  2. Click on “accounts and import”.
  3. Under “send mail as”, click “add another email address”
    1. First panel
      1. Enter the name that should be displayed in the “from” line when a recipient reads your email
      2. Enter your email address
      3. Uncheck the alias box
    2. Second panel: You’ll find the server name, port, and other information for this section in one of the following locations:
      1. In an email that was sent to you when you registered. Use the settings provided in the email with the subject “Finish customizing your site. Your account has been approved!”
      2. Log into webmail. Click your email address in the upper right corner, and then click “configure mail client.
  4. If you want to make your Grace Church Websites email address your default email address, click “default” next to the email address on the “accounts and import” section of the Gmail settings.