Think of Grace Church Websites like Facebook. It’s a free service, but Facebook expects you to provide the content (your posts, images, links, etc). Similar to Facebook, Grace Church Websites keeps the back end of your website up and running for you. We perform regular maintenance updates to make sure it’s running properly.

You only need to keep your content up-to-date. What does that mean? Let’s use Facebook as an example. If you want to update your Facebook profile photo, you wouldn’t send an email to Facebook with the image and ask them to do this for you. Instead, you would log into your account and add your profile photo; if you’re not sure how to do this, you would read the help documentation on Facebook.

With Grace Church Websites, it is your responsibility to add your content: events, blog posts, leaders, photo, etc. There are very clear instructions on how to do this. Someone with basic computer skills (meaning, they know how to type, use a mouse, copy/paste, send emails, find files on a computer), will have no problems at all. If you know how to use Facebook and Gmail, you have the skills it takes to update a Grace Website! We provide help through email. The churches and organizations that are most successful designate one person to keep the website content updated, the take the time to read the instructions, and add content slowly and regularly.