Welcome! If today is your first day visiting or launching your website, or if you’re looking to learn the basics, please refer to the Getting Started Checklist below. Follow this quick guide to learn how to update your website and review the most important website areas.

  1. Add leaders’ bios and photos.
  2. Update your your meeting and service times that appear on the homepage.
  3. Update the map of your organization’s location.
  4. Update the homepage image.
  5. Update the homepage short description.
  6. Update the contact information in the footer.
  7. Activate your event calendar if you are ready to add events and do not see the “EVENTS” link in the menu.
  8. Activate your blog if you do not see the “BLOG” link in the menu.
  9. Set up email forwarding for your office@ email address.
  10. Update your About Us page.
  11. Visit your website. In the CMS, click on your organization’s name in the header. Visit all pages and make sure that everything looks good. You’ll also notice a “Sponsored Message” section on the homepage of your website, which will be used to display messages from Grace Church Websites. The current message is promoting the Grace Church Website brand, encouraging your site visitors to register for a free website if they work for a church or nonprofit. Grace Church Websites does not display ads on your websites to generate revenue.
  12. Join our Facebook group.
  13. Review the complete Website Instruction Manual
  14. Contact with additional questions.