Oftentimes, churches want to create a form to collect registrations for events, administer surveys, collect prayer requests, etc. If you need to create a form, there are two free options that Grace Church Websites recommends: Jotform and Google Forms. Both require you to:

  1. Build the form on either or
  2. Embed the form’s code into your website. Instructions to embed the forms can be found on the Jotform or Google Form website.
  3. Create a new page on your website and then paste the code into the “text” tab, which is to the right of the “visual” tab on the far right of the large text box. You can add form codes to blog posts, new stand-alone pages, or event pages.



Grace Church Websites uses Jotform to manage the requests that are received from churches to update their websites.

Jotform is free to start. Depending upon your user and storage needs, they have paid account options as well. Learn more at

Jotform embed Instructions: When you embed your form into your webpage, select the embed code and paste it into the text box of your new webpage. Go to your form and find this under “publish”, then select “platforms”, then “”. If you link directly to the jotform URL, the user will see the form, but it will not work.



View example forms and get started at the top of the Google Forms homepage.