In the footer of your website, there is an email sign-up box. When one of your website visitors provides their email address in this box, they would like to receive news and updates about your organization. You receive an email from Grace Church Websites whenever someone signs up. The email is sent from with the subject “Newsletter Form Submission”. The body of the message has the email address of the person who subscribed.

To get the full list of email addresses, log into your website and click on the “Newsletter Subscribers” link on the left menu. Click the “Export the Newsletter Subscribers” link.

Grace Church Websites does not provide a service to send emails. You will need to find the best method to send the newsletter. If you’re already using an email provider, simply download the newsletter subscriber list on a regular basis and add the users to your email list. We recommend that you start a free account through Mail Chimp if you are not already using an email service.