If Google does not recognize your zip code as an international zip code through the Theme Panel, then you’ll need to move your map from the homepage to another page, such as the About Us page. Do the following to add the correct map to your About Us page:

  1. Remove your address completely from the Theme Panel.
    • Click on the “Theme Panel” link on the left-hand menu.
    • Remove your address completely on both address lines, city, and zip.
    • Check “off” for “Map Section”
    • Go to the bottom and save changes.
  2. Find your organization’s address on
  3. Copy the HTML Embed code from Google Maps. Read the instructions from Google.
  4. Go to the Theme Panel again.
    • Scroll down to the “About Page Description”
    • Click on the “text” tab of the “About Page Description” box
    • Add the HTML code
    • Save the changes at the bottom of the page.
  5. Visit your About Us page to ensure that the map is displaying properly.