The max file size to upload videos is 4mb and it cannot be increased to add videos; doing so would significantly increase costs for Grace Church Websites. Therefore, we ask that you use a free service, such as YouTube, to upload your videos. Then, you can embed the videos into your blog from YouTube. Simply copy and paste the embed code into the “text” section of your blog post to embed a video. Help documentation can be found on When you embed videos, the upload limit will not apply at all because they will be hosted on YouTube.


Steps to add videos from YouTube to your website:

  1. Upload the video to YouTube. Read instructions from YouTube on uploading new videos:
  2. To add the video to your website, don’t use the embed code. Instead, copy the URL of the video and paste it into the “visual” tab of the page where you want the video to appear. Videos can appear on the About Us page, blog posts, or new pages you create. To learn more about how to update these page types, visit the links below: