There’s a limit of 4mb per file that you upload. Files should be much smaller than that to make sure that your page loads quickly. Use a tool like to compress images before you add them. Please be mindful of how much you’re uploading. If you want to add 10 images, that should be fine, but if you start to add hundreds to blog posts, Grace Church Websites will eventually end up paying more in hosting fees. A better and more cost-effective solution is to add your photo albums on Facebook and then embed them into your blog posts. Embed Social is a great tool that will allow you to embed them easily; you can also grab the embed code from Facebook directly by clicking on the gear icon on the upper right-hand corner of the Facebook album. There are many other free solutions. For example, it’s also possible to embed from your photos from other sources, such as Google photos.


When you embed, remember to add the embed code to the “text” tab of the blog post.


Click the “add media” button from the new post or page.