If you would like to add new pages to your website that are not part of the blog, follow the instructions below:

  • Hover over “+New” in the header and select “page”
  • Create the new page by adding the title, URL, and text. Remember to bookmark the URL. You will need this later to update the page.
  • Do not update the “page attributes” section. Leave the defaults as they are: parent=”no parent”, template=”default template”, order = 0.
  • Do not use the “featured image” section to add images. Instead, add images using the “add media” button.
  • Publish the page, visit the URL and remember to bookmark this URL so that you’ll be able to access it later.
  • To update a page you previously added, log into your website, visit the URL, and then click “edit page” from the top menu bar.
  • If you want this new page linked to your menu, fill out a Menu Change Request Form.