If you added your PayPal account during the site launch process, the “give online” menu item should appear in your header with a link to your /give page. If the “give online” menu item appears, please visit the page on your website and click the “give through PayPal” button to ensure that it is being directed to the correct page. If your “give online” menu item does not appear and you have already set up your PayPal account, follow the instructions provided below to add the “give online” men item:

  • On the left sidebar, click “Theme Panel”.
  • In the box to the right of “PayPal email”, enter your PayPal email account. Entering your PayPal email address will create the “Give Online” menu items in the header and footer, which will link to a new /give page. The page will display a button that reads “Give Through PayPal”. When the button is clicked, your website visitors will be redirected to your payment page on PayPal.
  • At the bottom of the Theme Panel page, click “save changes”.
  • Visit your website to make sure that the “give online” menu items are displaying and working properly and that the “Give Through PayPal” button redirects to the proper page. You should also test your PayPal account by making a small donation to ensure that it’s working properly.