If you do not already have the “events” link in the header and footer of your website, follow the instructions below. If you activate your event calendar without adding events, your homepage will have an empty section for events and will look incomplete. You may activate your event calendar at any time, but it’s best to only do so when you are ready to add upcoming events. Also, please note that only the next three upcoming events will appear on the homepage and the others will be found when users click “events” from the header or footer menu. If your organization does not have any upcoming events and only past events, this section will appear empty, so it’s best to keep this section fresh and updated.  Most organizations have reoccurring events. For example, if your church as worship service every Sunday at 10:30am, you only need to enter this “event” on time as a reoccurring event and it will show up as a new event on your homepage every week automatically. See the instructions below for more details.

  • On the left sidebar, click “Theme Panel”.
  • Next to “Calendar Section”, click “On”.
  • At the bottom of the Theme Panel page, click “save changes”.
  • Visit your website. You should see the “Events” link in the header and the footer.