Grace Church Websites fulfills the need for faith-based and social justice organizations to have access to economic empowerment via the information superhighway. Over 500 Churches & Non-Profit Organizations Are Provided Free Websites In Under-served Communities, Including African American & Hispanic Churches, Courtesy Of Grace Church Websites.

Grace Church Websites, founded by American business magnate and philanthropist Don Vaccaro and pastor Rev. Dr. Boise Kimber, have announced the significant milestone of providing over five hundred free websites to faith-based and social justice organizations spanning the United States. Grace Church Websites has been able to tap into markets across the country where churches and small non-profits might not have the financial resources to pay for domain registration, website maintenance, content management and hosting. Most of the recipients of Grace Church Websites’ services are African American and Hispanic entities. This effort is a significant step towards bridging the digital divide that continues to marginalize under-served communities.

Grace Church Websites has provided free web-related services to Black and Hispanic Churches and non-profits across the entire country, as referenced in the graphic below. The leading region and state for domains are the East Coast and Texas, respectively. Grace Church Websites have also reached out to faith communities around the world with free websites donated in Nigeria, Pakistan and other countries.

“After conducting business in under-served communities across the country and having discussions with church leaders and non-profits of color, it was clear that many entities want to compete in technology but simply aren’t equipped to do so because of economic barriers, including access to a website domain. I found that this one barrier opened up a world of opportunity,” said Don Vaccaro, who serves as CEO of Grace Church Websites. “Reaching the milestone of 500 websites donated in the community has been a joyful experience for me because I’ve witnessed churches be able to market their events and increase fellowship while simultaneously increasing economic opportunity.”

Rev. Dr. Boise Kimber, Pastor of First Calvary Churches in New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut, and board member of the Conference of National Black Churches said, “I work with countless churches across the country as I practice my national ministry. One commonality I have found is that many of my brothers and sisters in faith are eager for a conduit to lessen the digital divide. Further, they have congregations that want to be interconnected through technology and this endeavor has enabled thousands of parishioners to share affirmations, opportunities and event referrals with other clergy and community members. The fact that we have gotten to five-hundred is not surprising because Black and Hispanic churches have historically been a conduit for communication.”

According to renowned national civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton, President and Founder of National Action Network, “Grace Church Websites is providing a need for faith-based organizations that is leading to economic empowerment, decreasing the digital divide, and diversifying the Information Superhighway.”

According to Fernando Mateo, President of Hispanics Across America: “Grace Church Websites offers a much needed service to our community and I commend the efforts by Mr. Vaccaro and Pastor Kimber in recognizing the need for people of color to be competitive in the technology arena.”

There are no costs associated with a website set up through Grace Church Websites. Organizations interested in signing up for website services should visit or contact